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The Story of Genesis Juice Company

And God said, "See, I give you every seed-bearing plant...
and every tree that has fruit...
They will be your food."  Genesis 1:29

Welcome to our website where you can explore the amazing benefits of God's original diet for mankind.  Our focus is sharing the revitalizing power of juicing and plant-based nutrition for healing, cleansing and restoring your whole body.  Genesis Juice Company is family run and community focused, supporting our friends and neighbors in their health and wellness goals.  

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Lindsay Wright

Madras, OR 97741


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    How we can help...

    Our Services

    • Free personalized consultation 

    • Individualized plans, recipes, and weekly progress meetings

    • Many group and individual cleanspackages 

    • Optional freshly made juice packages with cleanses

    • Contact us for more information

    Customizable Courses We Offer


    Beginning a Plant Based Lifestyle


    Beginning a Daily Juicing Journey


    1, 3, 7, and 10 Day Juice Cleanses


    Individual and Group Classes and Cleanses


    Specialty Programs 

    • Weight Loss

    • Sugar Detox

    • Overall Detox and Parasites  

    • Plant Based Athlete and Optimizing Health Programs

    • Other Health Conditions

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